Kala-Kaveri 475

Kala-Kaveri – New boat for 2021

Kala-Kaveri 475 is a multifunctional rainwater-draining model for cottage and fishing use. The boat has an easy-to-walk-on flat floor, a detached centre seat provides more open space when needed. 120 cm long lockable rod/storage space. Bow lid is fixed without the hatch of the rope box. However, the space can be used as a rope box from the opening in the backrest of the front seat. The boat is self-draining even when floating, for example at the dock. Just remember to leave the drain plug open. Available for long-shaft or short-shaft outboard engines. You can choose a basic boat without a control panel (Kala-Kaveri 475 MV) or a control panel version (Kala-Kaveri 475 R). The steel keel is standard equipment! Replaces the current Kalakaveri-model, which will no longer be available.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Length 4,77 m
Width 1,56 m
Weight 190 kg
Capacity 4 persons
Engine suggestion 5-15 hp
Steering cable length 9′ ft
Remote length 7′ ft



Power 1 pers. 2 pers.
5 hp 7 kn 5 kn
10 hp 15 kn 13 kn
15 hp 19 kn 17 kn



Stainless steel keel
Aluminium edging strip
Bow storage compartment
Resin sand keel
Detachable wooden middle seat
Lockable storage compartment
Boarding handles
Drain plug
Recessed rowlocks



Bow railings
Aft railing
Mooring canopy
Side railing 100 cm, ST
Side railing 170 cm, ST
Cellular plastic seat cushions
Stainless steel windshield arch
Trolling targa
Downrigger plate
Rod holder 245 mm


Optional accessories

Mooring canopy
Bottle holder
Stainless steel trolling targa
Downrigger plate
-Stainless steel windshield arch
-Bow railings
-Side railing 200 cm, ST
-Stainless steel aft railing
-Cellular plastic seat cushions