Suvi 47 Duo


The new Suvi 47 Duo – a favourite model now with larger aft interior, fixed dividing door and new look.

The new Suvi 47 Duo is a versatile and affordable dual-console model equally suitable for transport or fishing or for use at the summer house. Due to its lightness, the boat performs well even with less powerful engines. The increased aft interior area provides much-needed additional storage space for the passengers. Accessories include railings, windshields and a swim ladder. Ample storage space under the steering consoles for bags or an ice box. For a long-shaft outboard engine. Self-draining. The new dual canopy for the aft cabin is available as an option.

Standard accessories include dividing door, laminate kit, stainless steel keel and bucket seats.


Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Length 4,70 m
Width 1,96 m
Weight 310 kg
Capacity 4 persons
Engine suggestion 25-40 hp
Steering cable length 12′ ft
Remote length 10′ ft


Power 1 pers. 2 pers.
25 hp 24 s 23 s
30 hp 25 s 24 s
40 hp 28 s 27 s


Dividing door
Stainless steel keel
Laminate kit
Artificial leather bucket seats
Bucket seat
Navigation light mast
Battery box
Glove compartment
Rubber fenderlist
Two rope/anchor boxes
Main switch
Fire extinguisher
Four  storage compartments (2 lockable)
Drain plug
Swim ladder
12 V outlet



Seat cushions
Bow ladder
Rack for fenders
Mooring canopy
Downrigger plate
Cover between consoles
Trolling targa
Rod holder 245 mm

Optional accessories

Mooring canopy
Aft canopy
Seat cushions
Bow ladder
Rack for fenders
Downrigger plate
Bottle holder
Stainless steel trolling targa