Suvi 57 Duo Fisher

    Fuel tank 70 liters

The New Suvi 57 Duo Fisher

The Suvi 57 Duo Fisher is a dual-console trolling/fishing boat designed for fishermen and it can be covered with a canopy. The Fisher has the same excellent hull and handling characteristics as the basic 57 Duo model. Removable back seat corner pieces give even more open space in the back and make it easy to get around during fishing. Optional multi-functional protective two-piece canopy. Two long storage spaces for rods, for example. Bow lid is fixed without a hatch. Front storage space available in the recess of the front bench’s back rest. It’s easy to bolt a trolling motor, for example, through the foredeck, the so-called “sky anchor”. Wires can be led from the trolling motor through piping underneath the bilge to the rear compartment. An optional removable storage box is available for the open bow deck. It can be used as an auxiliary level during casting or sunbathing and even as a fish trap. The same technical specifications as for Suvi 57 Duo.

For the Suvi 57 2020-models there is available optional solid fuel tank 70 liters. Installation at the factory only!


Standard accessories include laminate kit, stainless steel keel and bucket seats.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Length 5,70 m
Width 2,28 m
Weight 520 kg
Capacity 6 persons
Engine suggestion 50-80 hp
Steering cable length 14′ ft
Remote length 13′ ft


Power 1 pers. 6 pers.
50 hp 26 kn 22 kn
60 hp 29 kn 24 kn
70 hp 31 kn 26 kn
80 hp 33 kn 28 kn


Laminate kit
Dividing door
Stainless steel keel
Artificial leather bucket seats
Protective hood for the bucket seat
Navigation light mast
Battery box
Glove compartment
Rubber fenderlist
Two rope/anchor boxes
Main switch
Fire extinguisher
Five storage compartments (3 lockable)
Drain plug
Swim ladder
12 V outlet


Removable table (complete)
Extra deck fitting for table
Seat cushions
Bow ladder
Rack for fenders
Cover between consoles
Aft canopy
Mooring canopy
Downrigger plate
Trolling targa
Rod holder 245 mm
Water-skiing bracket
Casting/sunbathing level
Cushion for casting/sunbathing level
Cellural plastic for casting/sunbathing level