Soutu-Palta 495

Soutu-Palta 495 is a steady, safe and unsinkable rowing boat from the popular Palta collection. Ideal for summer cottage use and fishing. The hull design enables a better travelling position even while driven alone with an engine. The boat has two locking stowage spaces and an engine well to facilitate driving with an engine. There is an aluminium edging strip on the boat for net fishing. The design of the boat accommodates an electric engine. For a short shaft engine.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Length 4,95 m
Width 1,54 m
Weight 115 kg
Capacity 4 persons
Engine suggestion 4 hp



Power 1 pers. 2 pers.
4 hp 6 kn 8 kn
M-12 3 kn 3 kn



Varnished oars
Battery box
Aluminium edging strip
Resin sand keel
Two lockable storage compartments
Boarding handles
Drain plug
Recessed rowlocks
Engine well


Mooring canopy
Side railing 100 cm, ST
Cellular plastic seat cushions


Optional accessories

Mooring canopy
-Cellular plastic seat cushions
-Side railing 100 cm, ST