Soutu-Palta 605

New rowboat in a completely new size category. A large model with a planing hull for 6 people. Can reach a speed of 12 knots on a 10 hp engine. Three rowlock pairs and a coxswain rowlock. Excellently suited to pair rowing, with the possibility for up to five people to row at the same time. The boat is equipped with two lockable storage compartments. Detachable middle seats and a large open interior. The model is extremely stable athwartship. An ideal fishing boat even for rougher weather.  For a short shaft engine.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Length 6,05 m
Width 1,54 m
Weight 180 kg
Capacity 6 persons
Engine suggestion 4-10 hp


Power 1 pers. 2 pers. 3 pers.
4 hp 6 kn 6 kn 5 kn
10 hp 12 kn 13 kn 11 kn


Aluminium edging strip
Resin sand keel
Detachable wooden seats
Two lockable storage compartments
Engine well
Side pontoons
Boarding handles
Drain plug
Recessed rowlocks


Stainless steel keel
Mooring canopy
Side railings 100 cm, ST
Cellular plastic seat cushions