Suvi 52 “kelo”

Suvi 52 “kelo” is a versatile big keeled boat for the summer house. It is light to row for its size and runs excellently with an engine. The boats are available in new colours that are in perfect harmony with the nature.

The boat has a two-shell construction with air between the shells. The floor and seating areas are rough-textured to provide a non-slip surface. Two lockable storage compartments, of which the middle seat also serves as a detachable storage box. The oars provided as standard equipment have curved blades, and their grey colour matches with the boat’s weathered kelo wood colour. The recommended engine power for 52 “kelo” is max. 5 hp. For a short shaft engine.

Suvi 52 “kelo” has been type-approved for 4 passengers in accordance with the new Recreational Craft Directive which will enter into force in 2017.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Length 5,20 m
Width 1,48 m
Weight 140 kg
Capacity 4 persons
Engine suggestion 5 hp



Power 1 pers. 2 pers. 4 pers.
5 hp 7 kn 8 kn 6 kn



Resin sand keel
Rubber fenderlist
Varnished oars
Two lockable storage compartments
Drain plug



Mooring canopy
Side railing 100 cm, ST