Termalin Ky is established in the garage of a detached house in Mikkeli, its products including fibreglass materials, drain plugs, oars, and paddles.  In the early days, its operations also include the sales of other boat brands.


The first five Suvi boat models enter production. The models were the Suvi 415 and Suvi 460 rowboats, and the Suvi 390, Suvi 410 and Suvi 445 motor boats.


During the “boat craze” of the nineteen eighties, the Suvi model range is complemented with the windscreen boat 475 GT and two trolling boat models. Due to the recession of the early nineties, these models have only a short lifetime and go quickly out of production. The company returns to basic boats.


The Palta models Kala-Palta and Ukko-Palta join the Suvi model range. The extremely popular netting boat Kala-Palta is still part of the model range, having received only a slight facelift. The sales of Suvi and Palta boats grow strongly, and in 1990, annual sales reach the level of 1,000 boats.


The row and motor boat Suvi 440 SM enters the model range due to public demand. At that time, a boat model that is easy to row and planes at low engine power is not manufactured in Finland. The model becomes extremely popular. Later, the smaller Suvi 395 SM model is introduced parallel with the 440 model. Both models are still in production.


The Suvi model range is heavily overhauled. The new models introduced are the Suvi 400, Suvi 430 and Suvi 480. The worst recession in the recent history of Finland strikes, and the sales of the more expensive boats fall by percentage dozens. The model renewal of the Suvi boats is perfectly timed – and as a more affordable utility boat, the sales of Suvi boats continue to grow even during the recession. The new models build the foundation for the growth of Suvi boats into the most popular boat brand in Finland.


CE approval is obtained for the Suvi boat amongst the first boat models, and the first self-draining steering console boats enter the model range. The self-draining feature is very important to many boaters. The popularity of the Suvi boats grows rapidly, with annual sales exceeding 1,500 boats.


The model range is renewed and continues to expand. Suvi 3900 and Kalakaveri are introduced as new models. Both are still in production. The annual sales exceed 2,000 boats.


The popularity of dual console boats grows, and the Suvi model range also sees the introduction of the first model equipped with a dual steering console, Suvi 4900 SR Duo. As the most affordable dual console boat in Finland, the boat is very popular, and about 500 of them are manufactured by the year 2009.  Soutu-Palta 510 is another new entry to the model range.


Strong growth continues in the boat market, and the Suvi model range continues to expand. The, Suvi 460 and 495, rowboat models with a more buoyant stern, Suvi 4550, a wider steering console boat, and the Meri-Palta 585 all enter the model range. The annual sales of Suvi boats exceed 2,500 boats.

Suvi becomes the most popular boat brand in Finland.

2008 September

The Suvi boat business is transferred to Konekesko Oy, and cooperation with Yamaha outboard engines is intensified.


Thanks to the product development resources of Konekesko, the Suvi steering console models are revamped. The new self-draining Suvi 4250, Suvi 4650, Suvi 5050 Uno and Suvi 5050 Duo become members of the model range. The models receive an enthusiastic welcome.


Suvi 5050 SR Uno CC enters the model range as a new centre console version. The Meri-Palta 585 becomes Meri-Palta CC.


Soutu-Palta 495, Meri-Palta 525 and the dual console model 4700 Duo enter the model range. The popularity of dual console boats continues to grow.


The flagships of the Suvi model range, the Suvi 5700 Duo and Suvi 5700 CC, enter the model range in the so-called six-metre category. Suvi receives accolades for the product development of boats in the lower price range. Suvi 5700 Duo is entered as a contestant for Helsinki International Boat Show’s “Best Motor Boat in Show” title.  The Suvi “tar” rowboat model range is launched, and its natural colouring and tar scent are given an excellent reception.


The popular range of dual console boats having seats with pedestals is complemented with the Suvi 4750 model, which replaces the 4700 model.


Suvi-boats celebrate their 30th anniversary. A total of 55,000 Suvi and Palta boats have been manufactured, and the journey continues….